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Effective Group and Public Communications

When I was in grade school my adviser chose me to be the one of the master of ceremony in certain event. I gave speech in front of my fellow student, teachers and parents. While they waiting the programs started I made some strategy like using metaphor to the participants of event on how they look like to their costume to make them entertain and interesting but when I did some interview to the participants which is scripted they made bored, some not listen and made noise. It rejected the audiences because it seems planned and lack of delivered and style which is not effective to the listener it not made them convinced or persuade. Naturalness is persuasive according to Aristotle canon of rhetoric in delivery. Yes, I am agree because when it planned it’s noticeable and not really persuasive and you just make yourself harder. I trying to make myself as an effective speaker so I used some rhetoric words but before I do not know what is called in this but now that I learned I know that it is rhetoric a kind of art in speaking and writing an exact term in what I did before. In my speech it is different to what I learned in rhetoric of Aristotle. According to him raised rhetoric to a science by systematically exploring the effects of the speaker, the speech and the audience. He regarded the speaker’s use of knowledge as an art. I said that it is differ because I cannot explored myself as I am just the way we planned and scripted but somehow I explored my speaking little arts it persuade the audience but it not delivered naturalness. This is just my first time so I not blame myself instead I am glad that I experience to be master of ceremony and there is some positive comments. In dramatism of Burkes every people open their mouth to communicate is described as drama. I really agree too that if there is no identification no persuasion and there is some similarity when I interview the participants in this event some had similarity on my personality. I never forget that one of the participant has similarity on me because of her physical characteristics and some of our belief. Not just because of that but I as a speaker and fellow students as audiences it had a big impact of identification we have because we experience the same being students and some of the attitudes and beliefs on how we regulate school and discipline teachers. In narrative paradigm of Fisher it is different having speech in front because according to what I understand it looks like compelling of story and every event or happenings happen is considered a story. I noticed that the three theories rhetoric, dramatism and narrative paradigm is all persuading the audience and it is a new effective tip making a good speaker and speech.

During my high school most of the groupings I chose leader because some knows that I am responsible according also to my adviser. I am not intelligent but I am a diligent student . I always handle conflicts and problems because most of the group members cannot participate. Being leader I responsible in all works of the group even it is unfair. It should be our group works as one so it should work all of the member’s .Some members having conflicts to me because of misunderstanding about the planned. So I should I improve my communication by utilizing four functions which are problem analysis which u should know the problem and take every opinions of the members. Second is the goal setting, it is how your procedure of planned achieved the goal. It also use the identification of alternatives which ensure the quality of decision making and it gives some techniques to do so. Lastly, the evaluation of positives and negatives before making final decision. It can result in a high quality of decision. I improved also my communication within my group by utilizing fantasy themes because we can share interpretation that is creative and imaginative which is chain out within the group and it is essential to response a content of dramatizing message of the members.

Cultural approach is likely to embody my future career which is different things to different people because I want to learned different cultures while I have my companionship with others. I want the position of the managerial because it control and decide some strategy instead of being employee just having participation and involvement that is free expression of ideas but no voice and without democracy in work place.

Interpersonal Communication Theories are Essential in Every Relations

The interpersonal communication can be helpful and important to us to build closeness and its might be lead to build relationship because interpersonal communication is the exchanging of information involving two or more individuals. Interpersonal communication is very important elements in relationships. In my own relationships with my friends, parents and some other person that I met it is very essential for me to communicate interpersonal. More time to each other is also more friendship or more relations became strong and build .

I remember when I was in grade school, I’m nearness in bullying. My first experience was when I’m in grade school. During our recess time I was fall my money into the ground I claiming it to my classmate because he got it but he didn’t back it. I told it to my mom and to my teacher but he denied and he also added that I intentionally pricked his eye which is not true and of course they not believed because they really know who I am but of course to be equal my teacher asked me about that. To confess it of my classmate my teacher made a planned which is approaching him very well and talk to him like his mother that result in a positive way than to make mad. I’m just admire how the teacher approached their students that is like parents that’s why my first ambition is started that I want to be a teacher someday. When I was I child I always be a teacher in our playing “teacher-teacheran”. I really have my students that are my fellow children in our place which I invited them to joined this play. I remember that I had 7 students in this play and we do this every day which is supported with my mother so we can do it in our house just for fun. My one close friend is also a teacher in this play which is my classmate during grade five until we graduated in high school. I met her first before the school started, it’s a vacation. They transfer to the apartment near our house. We became friends and while the days goes by, our relationship as friend was grown that some of secret and her true colors was appeared. This is the time that we are in the process of reciprocity that is give and take or I openness to her that leads also to her. I’ll tell my secrets and she tells her too.She was kind at first. She always invited me in their house and one time she invited me to take dinner in their house and early in the morning she visited me to start playing and sometimes to talk with. I also remember we do assignment together and sometimes she asked a requested to me to do her assignment and teach her. She also visited me after school just only to say some news about her private relationship. I’m just listening and sometimes leave a comment which she make more comfortable according to her. I know that those sharing with each other like what he keeps to others that I found and her secret about a certain topic like her personal relationship was surely remain as secret even one day we became enemy. It all start in her natural attitude being “pintasera” and envy. All that she observable physically and mentally and all of your moves especially if it is funny she all noticed and starting of bullying. She is analytic person when it comes in negative way of person especially in physical appearance that is like a perfectionist person. One time she tried me to disparage, of course I don’t want somebody underestimated me especially she is not really good in academic study just only have their beauty: perfect eyes, nose, lips, teeth and smooth white skin but when it comes to their attitude and in study nothing to say. Some of our classmate won’t her especially in her attitude. One group of our classmate made a motto to her that “what is beauty if the brain is empty.” I know they do that just because of impatient to her attitude and I really understand that because I try it how she treated me. This is how some of my classmates judge her that I think rejection or just acceptable on her. This is the most bullying that I had which I admitted to myself that not all time I’m strong and brave. I am also weak and can cry in front of my classmates just because I cannot resist my tears. It’s happened in the certain topic which is envy with my friends because I have many friends that approached to me than her. She did plan to break the friendship that I had in our classroom. She said fictitious words. She reversed me by saying that I’m the one who fight her and physically hit her which is not true but my friends believe on her that’s why the reason I wondering why they not approached me not like before because I’m the one they think that is bad. After the classes I found out this all but still not proven to my friends that I didn’t do to fight that girl. So I decided to confronted her after classes but she only bullying me by saying some words that really hurt me like I’m pity because no one believe on me and by teasing me that I have big eyes which is she has not me but I’m just cried when she trying me to hit physically. I’m crying while I’m in the way home but she followed me to comfort and approach to not cry because I know she’s scared when I tell it to my mother and when some of the neighbors saying that she make me cry. After she approached me I said that it’s ok just not to do again. Before I step to come inside our house I organized myself. I wipe my tears just like normal. I don’t want my mom know this. I keep this because I know that she didn’t do this again. But the next day when I’m cleaning in our classroom she bullying me again she pulled my hairs and start teasing me. In that time I cried, I said to her that I told that to my mother but she answered me that she doesn’t care. I keep it all to my mother because I don’t want to think that I am wrong and I am bad. This is the time that I had second thought, to tell or to keep. I feel that they can’t understand me if I said.I didn’t come to school for few days I feel that I can’t overcome all. I realized all from started that she needed me if she has something requested  like to do her assignment but at the end she bully me so that I judge her negatively. One morning my auntie come to our house to told to my mom that I fight my friend as her grandchild told to her which is my classmate. I heard that they talked about me and I try to hide myself in cabinet but my mom called me and confronted me  and I said that I can’t do that. That she reversed me in every one of my classmates. I feel my mom did not convinced to believe but I didn’t care. When the days goes by, my friend visited me in house but I didn’t approached her I didn’t talked to her ,I never invited her to come inside our house and I didn’t confronted her which is result in a negative way that is my mistake. In that situation I am the one who sees bad that’s why they not convinced and they judge me being bad. This is the time I feel alone that no one supported and believe on me even my friends, parents, and sisters but of course at the end they believe on me. Mom made planned this is to talked with my friend that is result in a positive way because she was asking for sorry and until we graduated we still friends even I didn’t change her attitude but somehow she learned.

It’s shown that the interpersonal communication is very essential to use and understand people in different ways. It’s shown how to build friendships and how it breakdowns but at the end having communication interpersonal its build again. It reflects also some interpersonal communication theories I learned to my instructor that may lead to me being a better communicator.