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People have different strategy of communication it also depends in culture they have. We can adjust our communication strategies to move toward or away from others by changing our communication behavior. We are using two strategies when we are communicating and it really affect our communication because people are different some want to be move toward from others or adopting you r communication behavior in such a way to become similar to another person which is convergence and we also have divergence which communication strategy of accentuating the differences between you and another person. It’s better for me to use the convergence strategy to become closer to others and make better understanding. If I talk to someone who I know I’m the one that should adjust my communication strategy I do as much as I can especially when I’m talking with old persons and children. Some of old person are deaf so it’s better to adjust m y communication to be loudly and slowly for them to easy to get and explain. I remember when my friend from other country having vacation here in our country while we are wandering we have conversation .She was more on speaking english than filipino so I cannot avoid myself to stop talking with her and to pretend that I’m busy in cell phone (texting) and looking for anything .This is just my style to stop talking with her uncomfortable. Yes, I am uncomfortable talking with her because she was using different language and different accent not just american accent. It’s very hard for me to understand her especially to her pronunciations while speaking fast and muted.I always asked her to repeat what she said. I just think that time to finish our conversation. Every time she asked m e I just always favorable and agree with her so no other conversation for us and topic to open but she was really talkative. She noticed that I’m uncomfortable talking with her so she‘s the one adjusting the communication strategy from divergence to convergence. Instead of talking with me with her natural way of communication she makes her speaking slowly and every time she asked if I get her point and if I understand her about the certain topic we have. There is also change with my communication behavior that time which I should speak english too even its hard for me especially when you are fronted the persons speaking to you . I feel tense and sometimes speechless but she makes easy for me by explaining this words, something like that. When you are uncomfortable with person together with you, I think you really don’t have a good conversation even explaining but at the middle of our conversation I feel good and comfortable even I think I’m speaking wrong grammar at least she knows it just don’t know in first. Sometimes I change my communication behavior by talking with her similarly. We know that we avoid accentuating the difference between her and me.

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